Regenerative veterinary services for your pet

What do we offer?

For Horse Owners

Lipogems Equine

A new generation of regeneration for your horse​​​​​ Lipogems® Equine is a new innovative application of regenerative technology, it is unlike any other regenerative therapy available for treating your horse or pony.​ Unlike many other veterinary treatments Lipogems® has come from the human medical world to the veterinary world.

Equine Conditions Treated:


Tendon injuries with core lesions 

Desmitis (Inflammation of a ligament) 

Chronic desmitis (Chronic inflammation of a ligament) 

Soft tissue injuries to the stifle joint Synovitis (Inflammation of a synovial membrane) 

Early osteoarthritis (Degenerative joint disease) 

Deep lacerations​ ​Impinging dorsal spinous processes

For Dog Owners

Lipogems Canine

Saving your best friend from a range of conditions and diseases has never been more possible than with Lipogems Canine. Lipogems procedures are quick and minimally invasive meaning your dog only needs to be under general anesthetic for a short period of time. 

The procedure includes the collection of fat tissue from their flanks, this tissue is then minimally processed before the final lipoaspirate is then used for the treatment.

With hundreds of cases performed to date the main application for Lipogems Canine is to repair damage to soft tissue in and around inflamed joints.

Canine Diseases treated:

Vascular (Legg-Calve-Perthes disease)

Immune mediated arthritis (OA)

Traumatic injury (Cr ligament and meniscus rupture, joint fractures)

Hereditary/developmental (UAP, FCP, OCD, IOHC – incomp. ossif. Of humeral condyle)

Degenerative Joint Disease

Joints treated:

Hip, stifle, elbow, shoulder, carpus and tarsus.  

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